Thursday, May 3, 2012

drawing aspirations...

vineyard by my friend tamara
 if you've been reading along for a while you've probably read about my lack of drawing skills.  yep, i can do a great job of taping out a cool geometric design on a rug or two but for whatever reason i cannot create anything pretty with pen (or pencil or paintbrush) freehand... i have always known i can't really draw anything that is supposed to look like something and in my internship i have been on occasion asked to quickly sketch something up.  and i am still terrified every single time this happens to me. not exaggerating.

and every time i just suck it up and try my best while trying to look cool on the outside all the while hoping that what i create won't be too terrible.  just last night in my lighting design class we were given an assignment to draw up lighting plans for a local high end boutique and i am debating which will have the best outcome, hand drawing or auto cad, as my skills in both areas still leave a lot to be desired.

well, my sister recently got me hooked on this free phone app game called draw something. for me it is another daily reminder of just how much i need to work on my drawing skills. i have never been into playing computer games... even as a kid, it wasn't my thing.  my parents gave us a colecovision console and games one christmas in the 80's and my sisters and i played with the smurf game for about a month and then let it collect a foot of dust before being sold at one of my mom's garage sales.  so, when my sister asked me to give it a shot i decided to do it once... and now i am surprised that i have been completely sucked into the draw something vortex.  oh, and i have learned something while playing... if you can't draw with a pen, using just your finger on a screen isn't gonna be much better (as evidenced by my depiction of "cemetery" for my friend andrea above drawn on my ipad). 

and if you already have amazing drawing skills they seem to extend to this game. i have an artist and graphic designer friend, tamara holcomb page, who keeps posting her amazing draw something pics on facebook (see images above).  i confirmed with her that she drew these lovely pics with her finger on her ipad.  yeah, i have tried the app on both my phone and my ipad and my skills do not increase all that much when switching to a larger device.  and even if i purchased all of the available colors in the draw something assortment i don't think i could create anything quite as amazing as these.

i am not planning on leaving this game anytime soon.  it's fun to see what my sister and friends come up with and great for practice... and you know those moments when you're stuck somewhere waiting for a friend who is a half hour late? well, you can look cool, busy and important while playing on your phone and killing some time...

big thank you to tamara for letting me use her images in this post! you can check out more of her work here...

and thank you to casa haus in mexico for posting all three of my painted rug diy's on their site today! get your spanish on and check it out!

below are images of my friend darin and his brother's draw something images... not too shabby either!
barry draws draper

barry draws titanic
darin's artistry
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until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern


  1. ha! I had to draw Titanic also and it looked NOTHING like the above! I am way impressed by those drawing skills. My motto with Draw Something is ' a stick person can depict anything except a squid'.

    oh and Hol- you have mad flag drawing skillz!

  2. Yea I stink!! Most of my friends guys the words by process of illuminating the letters, lol

  3. *guess not guys, damn u auto correct,;)

    1. yeah, i am the queen of stick figures and not very good ones at that! i never have enough bombs to eliminate those letters...

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