Thursday, May 31, 2012

exciting news!

I know I have been a little MIA for the last week... well,  I have been crazed getting ready to install a big project I have been working on for weeks now.  So many time consuming diy projects in the works at one time that my head is spinning, but in a good way.

A company called Wildbrain Entertainment contacted me recently and asked if I was willing to be a contest prize in a partnership between the very popular kids TV show YO GABBA GABBA and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles.  Awesome, right???!!!  I was so flattered that they thought to use me as a contest prize! Well, the winner was chosen and I'm designing a room for 2 little girls that are big YO GABBA GABBA fans that live with their single mom and brother in a Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles house.  I met one of the girls last week and she is a super cute and spunky 2 year old with very strong opinions (a gal after my own heart for sure!).  This is my first big foray into the kids world (other than that little crayon starburst wall art i made last year) and I am having a lot of fun with it.  Wanted to give you a tiny sneak peek at a little bit of what I am working on.  A few of my projects involve stickers.  Lots of them.  Hundreds and hundreds.

The big reveal is next week and I can't wait to see how it all comes together!  I will be sharing all the details and how to's then.  Oh, and last night I saw one of the designers from my internship and showed him the top photo in this post and he was very impressed with my sticker decoupage... he thought it looked like intricate Spanish tile and couldn't believe it was done with stickers.  That was a huge compliment coming from him!

Next Tuesday is the big day so be sure to check back for all the cool details!

For those of you just tuning in and wanting to know more about me you can by going here... and if you didn't already know... I created a facebook page... check it out and "like" it! and follow me on twitter and you can even follow my boards on pinterest too!

until next time...

the formerly almost 40 year old intern


  1. Your patience is astounding! I cannot wait to see the finished products!

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