Monday, May 7, 2012

motel mondays: part 22

i happened upon today's motel, the royal viking motel, when driving home from my second visit to the transmission av show at moca.  this beauty is near the intersection of 3rd street and alvarado and features vintage signs from two different eras.  one is so dark and moody and the other is more fun and kitschy.  looks like this motel has multiple personalities. and the barbed wire adds so much edge to the look, don't ya think??

and i also passed this groovy old liquor store and had to snap a few pics of the sign.  thinking it might be great to display a print of this above a vintage bar cart in a friend's apartment.
so, this weekend started with me spending an entire day cleaning out someone's garage, sifting through 50 years of dust and grime and junk (hello hoarders!), in order to prepare for a yard sale in a couple of weeks.  so bizarre all the little odd jobs i hold these days...

oh, and i went to see what was billed to be a hot new musician perform in hollywood with a friend.  supposedly so amazing that he got all this great buzz from the hipster coachella music festival. well, have you ever had one of those moments where you are looking at your fellow audience members in a movie or a concert and thinking "are we at the same show?  are you seeing/ hearing what i am seeing? really??"  yeah, perhaps i wasn't cool enough to get it (not the first time, mind you) but neither was my friend. as we stared at the others in the crowd surrounding us freaking out and getting way into the show i just felt uncool because i didn't love what i was hearing and so wanted to.  well, at least we could laugh about it... 
while interning last week i spent the majority of my time running errands, collecting and returning beautiful, expensive and fragile glassware and dinnerware for a client, praying that i wouldn't trip and crush them all.  and i was pondering if i would actually ever want to own drinking glasses that cost $300 each even if money was no object. yeah, probably not.  i did see these amazing hand blown glass vessels while at one of the stores.  i love the colors and shapes of them.  they were by this woman named elizabeth lyons.  the ones on her site are even more amazing than the ones above!

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until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern