Friday, May 25, 2012

takin' it to the streets...

copyright becca midwood
so i have been obsessed with great street art for quite a while now.  and, lets be clear,  i'm not talking about tacky graffiti where someone haphazardly spray paints joanie loves chachi on a wall.   i am talking about street ART.  i see it all over town here in LA and in other countries i've visited (buenos aires, argentina was a favorite place for street art spotting!).  i am amazed by the talent of these spray can weilding artists. it is hard enough for me to properly aim my can of rustoleum when working on a diy project without making a big mess. and don't even get me started on my lack of drawing skills... i love that these folks have the vision for what their big art is going to be and then bring it to life, often times free hand over a massive space.

whether it is a groovy illustration, a bold graphic print, an inspirational message or a massive mural, i am so on board.  most of the time i have no idea who the artist is (yeah, i'm not cool) but there are a few i do know about and i thought i would share some photos with you.  a nice visual smorgasbord for the holiday weekend...
oh, and my friend cindee had a cool local street artist, alec monopoly, create a groovy piece for her 10 year old son's room. love the bright graphics against the bold black and white striped walls. great idea for creating a room your kid can grow with!
copyright becca midwood
so, this gal, becca midwood, creates the grooviest and girliest street art around town.  a lot of them look like fab vintage fashion illustrations and i love them.  check out more of her work here.
copyright becca midwood

and becca recently showed some of her fine art at the cave gallery in venice.  this one was my absolute fave!  someday i will have something groovy like this hangin' on my wall.
copyright HENSE
this guy that goes by the name HENSE is based in atlanta and has created some really amazing grapics on the outside of buildings and covering cement walls in atlanta and miami.  i am trying to convince one of my clients to buy one of his fine art pieces for their large dining room wall.  i love his aesthetic and could totally see some of these designs as cool fabric prints.  go here to check out more of his stuff!
copyright HENSE
last week i was in a very industrial part of downtown LA on an errand for a client and snapped the above pic of one of the many massive murals lining the blocks.  no idea who created it...

and you may remember this piece on construction barracades on la brea that i showed on my blog a while back.  one of my fans alerted me to the name of the artist, aaron de la cruz, and even provided a link to the video of him creating it.  and he did it free hand! amazing!  my love of these bold black and white graphics definitely inspired my extreme stripes painted rug diy!

the image right above and the ones below are photos i snapped in buenos aires a few years ago.  the streets were filled with amazing art.  so much fun to discover when walking through the city!

and i shot these beauties on the streets of istanbul a couple of years ago. love these too!

and, back in LA...  doesn't this just say it all?

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until next time...

the formerly almost 40 year old intern


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