Monday, June 25, 2012

d.i.why not? groovy t-shirt pillows

For regular readers of my blog you may notice the lack of a motel today... my little Monday online celebration of vintage motels will be back next week.   Instead, I thought I would start the week off with a fun DIY I created as part of the  Yo Gabba Gabba/ Habitat for Humanity of LA kids room  I created.  I love these fab t-shirt pillows with pom-poms on the corners.  And they were super easy to create!  All you need is a t-shirt, needle and thread (a sewing machine makes it a lot quicker!), and scissors.  A super easy and inexpensive project.  This is one of the projects my friend Alison and her daughter helped with.  And we used their sewing machine, which made it go a lot faster. 
I started with the fab Yo Gabba Gabba t-shirts the folks at Wildbrain supplied... I think if you have cool t-shirts that you love or your kids grew out of, those will do for sure!  A friend of mine works in the music business and when she saw the finished pillows she said she was going to create some for her office out of her old favorite concert t's!  So, this project is definitely for "kids" of all ages.
First step is to "try the t-shirt on" to the pillow and eyeball  how it fits.   I used 16, 18 and 20" square pillow forms for this project.
Then take the t-shirt off of the pillow form, flip it inside out, and sew the top seam below the neck of the shirt and side seams inside the arms of the shirt.
Cut around the stitches you have just created.
Put the shirt back on your pillow form and tuck the bottom hem in and hand sew the bottom seam. 

Pretty cute, right??? Well, I decided that just the pillow alone wasn't enough for these gals!  I wanted to make them that much groovier by adding pom poms to each of the corners.  I was planning on making them using the tried and true method involving cardboard that my mom perfected when making pom poms for the tops of my roller skates as a little girl... well, that was until my friend Alison introduced me to the greatest invention of the modern age... 
That's right...  the fab  pom pom maker by Clover!!  It comes in different sizes, I used the largest.  I watched a quick YouTube video to learn how to use it and whipped up enough pom-poms for my pillows.
 And I just love how they jazz up the girls' beds!
Great big thank you again to my friend Alison and Maddy for their help with these.  And by the way, her daughter is a budding jewelry designer (Madelyn Jade Designs) and has an etsy store worth checking out!  She definitely has her finger on the pulse of what gals young and old could use to jazz their outfits up!  And the prices definitely fit in an intern's budget...

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until next time...

the formerly almost 40 year old intern


  1. Cute!
    Any interior design on the oven?! You said some time ago you were helping some friends to re-do their house!

    1. Thanks for your note Ava! I do have some interior design projects in the works and hope to have some room reveal photos to share in the coming month. Still waiting for a couple of key pieces to be delivered before I can shoot them. Stay tuned and thanks for reading! Xo

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