Wednesday, June 13, 2012

d.i.why not? hipstamatic wall art

I have to say that is little DIY project was one of my favorites in the Yo Gabba Gabba / Habitat for Humanity of Greater LA kids room!  And it was so super easy!   Certainly easier than the sticker decoupage.  I can't tell you how often friends or some folks that have just started hiring me for decorating advice are stumped by choosing artwork for their space.  Well, I think this project is such an easy solution!!  All it takes is a phone with a camera and a little imagination!

As some of you who have been reading for a while know I am very new to owning an iphone, even though I am  not cool enough for it and still haven't quite figured out and embraced all of its bells and whistles.  My friend's 7 year old had to show me how to work Siri (sadly, I am not kidding!)... Well, one of my favorite things about my phone is the groovy Hipstamatic App which was the best $1.99 I ever spent.  I love that I can take super fab photos and I don't have to spend hours using Photoshop to make them that way.  I was even more excited to find out that a company exists that specializes in Hipstamatic prints so the photos don't have to only live on my phone.  They are called Color Services and are located in Santa Barbara California and can ship anywhere!  These guys can print sizes up to 30" x 30" as long as you take the photo in the highest quality setting on your phone.  I called them and told them about this Yo Gabba Gabba/ Habitat for Humanity project and they were awesome about agreeing to provide prints.

As I mentioned before, it was very important to me to create a room that could grow with the girls and I wanted some super cool art gracing the walls.  So, I took the Yo Gabba Gabba plush toys that the Wildbrain folks sent me on a little photo shoot around LA.   The last time I did something similar was when my cousin Nate sent me his Flat Stanley from Iowa several years ago and I had a blast then too!

I took Foofa (the fab pink gal above!) to visit the famous Hollywood sign.  By the way, if you happen to be visiting LA and looking for the perfect unobstructed view of that sign, all you need to to is drive up Beachwood Canyon until it ends (right before a horse riding place) and park.  On the right is a hiking trail that offers a great view at about 20 feet up the hill.  That is where I took this pic from.  A lot of the photos were taken with me holding the doll in my left hand while shooting with my right.  Some were also taken with the help of the odd tourist walking by.  I met so many fun people that morning from all parts of the world... a family from Brazil, cool Japanese hipster kids, and some Russian gals...  Of course they all thought I was a little crazy but a few of them even asked to pose with the dolls for their own photos.

So, then I took Brobee (the groovy green guy at the top of this post) to visit the Santa Monica Pier.  Again, I met a lot of cool people that helped me stage a few of the photos.  One cute and helpful guy even asked me out while holding the doll!  Who knew that helping with this Yo Gabba Gabba project was going to also benefit my dating life?  Oh, and I didn't realize until I loaded all the pics into my computer that evening that there were a lot of guys on the beach in Speedos that day.  Yikes!  Knowing that these pics were going into a young girls' room and being blown up to an extra large size, I quickly weeded those out!

Once I chose my photos, I emailed them to the folks at Color Services and they sent me my 30" x 30" prints 24 hours later!  Everyone that saw the photos in person, including me, was amazed that the quality was so good.  I wasn't sure what to expect and was more than pleasantly surprised when I got them!  And since I was hanging them above the girls' beds, and we live in earthquake country, I opted not to frame them. Instead, I had them drymounted to foam core at my local Blick Art Supply on Beverly Blvd here in LA.  The normal cost for drymounting these would have been $30 each but they were kind enough to donate their services for this cause. 

I think shooting fun Hipstamatic photos of anything you love (pets, flowers, food... you name it!) is a great way to create cool art for your space. And if you don't have an iphone just borrow a friends for a quick photo shoot! I am totally going to use one of the photos I took at that Mike D Transmission LA MOCA exhibit I was so obsessed with and order a print for my own home.  I think it will fit perfectly within my living room!! I just need to figure out which one! Thinking this could definitely be a contender... And even some images of street art would be pretty amazing too.

In case you are wondering, I asked the folks at  Color Services if they can do Instagram prints too and they said yessirree!  But check with them first on the largest print size recommendations with Instagram before ordering.  So, go here if you are interested in doing your own!

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Have a fab weekend and get ready for some more cool Yo Gabba Gabba room DIY instructions next week!

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