Tuesday, August 21, 2012

a single gal's interlude

You may have noticed a bit of a lag between posts... Well, I meant to write sooner but I had a smidge of performance anxiety.  I learned that someone whose work I am a fan of was reading my blog.  Well, I was both excited and nauseous about this and lets just say I couldn't get it up.  Thankfully I have gotten over it for now.

So, I decided to take a small break from writing about my recent design and DIY adventures today to share a funny little story about something that happened to this ol' single gal recently.   I think whether you are happily (and quite possibly smugly) married or simply single like me you can appreciate this.  Warning- if you don't really care about a single girls musings and are more into the design stuff you can tune in for the next post because I will be sharing a really fun project in a few days.

Since I seem to have a hankering for picking careers filled with boys batting for the other team, meeting cute straight guys at work just isn't gonna happen.  So I made a promise to myself this year to be open to meeting guys that I date in all sorts of random places.  Anywhere from the post office (I was making a lot of trips there shipping ebay stuff and the lines there are really long so lots of time to chat and by the time I made it to the desk the guy next to me had asked me for my number),  one from the grocery store (Yep, it does happen. In the produce department to be exact.), another from an art gallery opening, another during my trip to Bhutan... lots of random other places.  And yeah, I did even hang out with a former intern for a bit last year. But so far I haven't met anyone that I really wanted to stick around. 

Well, after an exhausting day of volunteering at Wattles Farm, in my never-ending quest for a garden plot a couple of months ago, I relaxed on my sofa with my Ipad and a fresh pack of Pepperidge Farm Mint Milanos (my guilty pleasure).  I was in for the evening and reading the NY Times Sunday Style section (an exciting Saturday night, I know).  So, I happened upon this article mentioning all of these new random ways of meeting people offline and only one of the new services was available in LA so I figured I'd give it a go.  It was called Tawkify and one of the founders is a gal named E. Jean Carroll.  If you read Elle Magazine you have probably heard of her as she is their advice columnist and has been for the last 20 years.  Anyhow, their thing is that they set you up on phone dates that end at exactly the 10 minute mark.  No photos, no emails, just a phone call.  And if you are feeling it you need to exchange info within that time in order to continue the conversation in the future.  Also, supposedly they spend time personally matching you with someone that you have stuff in common with.  Oh and they like to match on something called a Klout score mixed into it all that I still don't really understand.  Anyhoo... As I was reading this article I was like, that sounds kooky enough that it might be fun to try.  So, I went to their website and signed up.  I decided to go big or go home and signed up for 6 phone dates.  My deal-breaker criteria for the dude was that he be taller than 5'8" and a non smoker.  And bonus if he loves travel and music, lives an active lifestyle and has a sense of humor.  Not asking for a lot, right??  My nonna is always telling me "you are-a to-a picky and that's a why you are going to be-a single forever!"  By the time I was finished with the sign up process it was after 9 PM LA time.

A few minutes later my phone rang.  At the other end of the line a raspy voice that sounded like they smoked for a million years announced "this is E. Jean Carroll, thanks for signing up for Tawkify!"  Nope, not a computer voice but E. Jean herself.  She was calling from New York.  It was after midnight there.  She sounded as if she had a cocktail in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  It was a funny hour long conversation where we chatted about being single in LA, what I am looking for, how old/ young I am willing to go (I told her that I really like the 5 year radius where we share the same pop culture references but am open).  When I hung up, I was laughing at what a bizarre evening it was on my sofa chatting with my new BFF E. Jean...  She was equal parts wacky and fabulous and I loved her! Anyhow, she said that she was going to handle it personally and within 2 weeks I would have my first phone date.  Well, every week for the next couple of months I got a form email stating "we're sorry, we're still looking for a match for you but we're going to find someone amazing and it will be worth the wait."  Really?  All of their clients are shorter than 5'8" and smokers?  Kinda tragic and mortifying that the process of setting me up on one 10 minute phone date was so tricky, let alone 6!  I guess Nonna was right.  I am way too picky.

So, they refunded my money and back to the Whole Foods produce department I go...

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until next time...

the formerly almost 40 year old intern


  1. Wow, that sounds worth it just to tAlk to E. Jean! I love her!

  2. Trust me. The Milanos are more exciting that ANY relationship. :)

  3. ha! I totally wondered what happened with the phone dating but kept forgetting to ask. No big thing- seeing them in person is best for your 'shoe test' anyway! :)

  4. Well, that's not the ending I was expecting to read. Phooey. And it doesn't hurt to be a little picky... xo