Monday, August 6, 2012

motel mondays: part 28

I was lucky enough to happen upon today's vintage motel - The Pasada- while in Pasadena for the PCC flea market yesterday.  It is just down the street from the market on Colorado Blvd.  Sure, the sign is a bit weathered, but I think it is pretty cool.

I have recovered from the excitement of being on the KTLA morning news last week.  I have to say I learned a very important lesson last Tuesday.  You see, I had to get up at 3:00 AM that day (YIKES!) in order to get dressed and drive 30 miles to the Habitat for Humanity house I worked on.  I had only 3 hours of sleep after a fun evening at the Hollywood Bowl singing and dancing to Kelly Clarkson (don't judge, she's fab and I am all for girl power!)...  Anyhow, I don't really wear a lot of makeup in my normal life and have been lucky enough to have professionals handle it for me when I was on TV before.  Sadly, no professionals on hand to help me that morning and I was on my own.  In a bleary eyed haze getting ready in my bathroom I had the brilliant idea to use this illuminating (says so on the label!) tinted moisturizer to cover my entire face including the massive bags hanging under my eyes.  The few times I have worn it out I have gotten lots of compliments from friends.  What I failed to realize that morning was that the illuminating effects of it that give my skin a lovely dewy glow in real life are not so fab with bright camera lights shining on you.  When that happens you just look sweaty.  Not glowy.  Or fresh and dewy.  Slick and sweaty.  Trust me.  I have several minutes of video footage to prove it.  Oops. Hopefully the room stuffed with Yo Gabba Gabba costume characters distracted the viewers...

So, my friend Darin finally had new cushions made for his fab vintage chair that we found in January along with my now hot pink chair.  Yep, it took that long for him to decide on a fabric.  Well, to be fair, he did decide on one in March, and then had a cheap upholsterer he found (his quote was half of what the rest of the guys in town were asking for the same job) make the cushions but somehow they ended up round instead of square.  Yeah, sometimes you get what you pay for.  So, he got a new upholsterer, and now has fab cushions and a groovy new chair he can finally sit in!

I have new couple client that I am very excited about.  These folks weren't so sure what their style is as they are newly married and have yet to purchase a piece of furniture together.  Right now their space is a mix of pieces from their single lives.  I showed them a bunch of images from Elle Decor and Architectural Digest, etc. to get an idea of the kind of look they are drawn to (and to give me a jumping off point) and they loved the look of  Trina Turk's bedroom from one of the tear sheets and said they loved everything about that room.  It just so happens that her dresser is almost identical to the one above and as luck would have it my friends at Casa Victoria just got this amazing Lane Mosaic dresser in.  The vintage gods must have been smiling down on me that day because sometimes it takes ages to find exactly what you are looking for (I feel like I have been on the hunt for a vintage chrome bar cart for a million years!) and this is going to be really amazing in their space.  Yay!  Looking forward to what I hope is going to be a really fun project!

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until next time...

the formerly almost 40 year old intern