Monday, October 8, 2012

Greece is the word

I am feeling like a pretty lucky girl these days.    I get to start over in a new career that I really love and I have a bunch of frequent flier miles from my past professional life that still allow me to travel to far off places I have never been.  Trust me, I really earned those miles.  And now its pretty awesome that I can make the time to use them.  I decided to take a little trip, looking for a little design inspiration and some new experiences.  

Greece was at the top of my list.  I had always wanted to visit.  And what better time to go than when their economy is a bit in flux and I can contribute while taking advantage of the much lower prices??  After all, I am on a budget.  A win win for sure! Within days of arriving I fell in love with the land of unbelievable blue seas, amazing food, and some of the most wonderful people I have ever met.

I arrived in Athens during a heat wave.  A crazy, nuts, hot, sweltering heat wave.  And the humidity immediately turned my hair into a fabulous frizzy puffball mess, just like when I visited Nepal.  I don't speak in centigrade and have no idea what the exact temperature was but let me tell you it was so crazy hot when I was exploring the Acropolis, I witnessed 2 people being carried away on stretchers because they passed out from heat stroke.   Yikes!  Thankfully Italian gelato is everywhere and I am not afraid to indulge in at least one a day to help cool off.  Ok, perhaps two is more accurate.  Calories don't count while on holiday, right?  And I am walking a lot more...

Loving exploring the mix of ancient and modern in Athens before heading to the islands.  And I loved finding some of the coolest street art I have seen in my travels.  How amazing are the pieces below.   I think they are by the same artist.  No idea who he or she is but I am so envious of the talent!

And can we talk about this fab jewelry inspired by olive leaves? I snapped this photo of a store window for inspiration when I return home for metalsmithing class.

I have my Dramamine ready because island hopping is next on the agenda...

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until next time...

the formerly almost 40 year old intern