about me

I used to be a marketing exec in the entertainment world. When I was restructured out of my job in early 2010 it felt like being dumped by that guy I wasn't really into... you know what I mean, a blow to the ego but best for me in the long run.  I just hadn't been happy doing what I was doing for a while and I had come to the realization that sometimes it doesn't matter if I'm good at something if I'm not so happy while doing it. 

So, in the quest to figure out my next steps I took lots of classes in the hopes of being inspired and figuring out just what it was I wanted to be when I grow up.  Some had disastrous results (wheel throwing pottery is sadly not for me as evidenced by the scars on my hands) and some I really loved...   

It was when I redecorated my friend's office that I realized I was much happier designing her space than I had been in my old life... so, I decided to start over as an interior design intern and see if this is going to be my next career path. I learned all I could about the business. And you know what??  I love it!  

I was an intern for a year and a half (yikes!) and it was an experience I will treasure forever!  I left my internship a short while ago and am continuing my life in the design world.  I can't wait to see what happens!

the formerly almost 40 year old intern